WordPress 2.5 released


Wordpress after six months of hard-work by the WordPress community, has finally released the Wordpress version 2.5 stable edition. In a post by Matt titled 2.5 Sneak Peek, Matt says… The improvements in 2.5 are numerous, and almost entirely a… Read more

Google website listing in 1 day

Michael Jensen in his post “Google Indexing Sites in 1 Day Again” explained how he successfully listed his site in Google within 24 hours. 1) I created 5 pages of content (Home, FAQ, About Us, etc.). 2) I put them in a simple template with… Read more

The free domain price

Domain Names

This is an archived blog post by Nairahost… Over our three years in the web hosting and domain registration industry in Nigeria, we have been asked then and again with questions like this, “Why are you not giving out free domain names with your… Read more

Google’s web hosting profit

Cheapest Domain Registration in Nigeria

Google does not run a web hosting business, but according to Lew Moornan at Racklabs in his blog entry, Google’s Dangerous Trade, Google actually makes more profit on your hosting product through their Adwords business. In his post, he asserts… Read more

Cheapest Domain Registration in Nigeria

Affordable Domain Name Registration in NigeriaFind Domain Registration in Nigeria at some of the cheapest prices possible on the Internet today. Pay in Naira from Nigeria. Find your Domain: Finding the cheapest domain name registration service in… Read more

Upgrading from MYSQL4 to MYSQL5 on a Cpanel Server

Today I upgraded one of our servers MYSQL software from version 4 to version 5. Below is the steps of a successful install. Step 1.) Go into your WHM > TweakSettings and select the MySQL 5 > Save it Step 2.) login as root via SSH and… Read more

Announcing Web4Africa South Africa

South Africa

Web4Africa proudly announces the launch of Web4Africa South Africa at www.web4africa.co.za This website is available to residents of South Africa only and contains domain name registration and web hosting offerings priced in South African… Read more

Introducing .uk domains at $10.99

UK flag

Web4Africa, one of the leading web hosts in the West Africa sub-region, is now offering .uk domain name registrations. Web4Africa is offering .co.uk, .me.uk and .org.uk domain registrations at an introductory price of $10.99 per year…. Read more