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.host, .press & .website domains at discounts

Web4Africa, an ICANN Accredited Domain Registrar, is offering .host, .press and .website domain names at discounted prices for 1st year registrations, in a special deal as offer by their respective domain registries.

The limited time offers end at varying dates as highlighted below:

  • .host @ $49 for 1st year only, from 17th Sept to 17th Oct 2014
  • .press @ $49 for 1st year only, from 17th Sept to 24th Sept 2014
  • .website @ $14 for 1st year only, from 17th Sept to 17 Nov 2014
  • The domains can be registered at http://www.web4africa.net/domain-name/new/
dot host domain extension

dot host domain extension

.HOST Domains
Several large companies in the hosting community have welcomed .host with open arms. Why go for a .com/.net when there is a dedicated TLD for your industry! Let the TLD showcase what you do, while you get creative with your brand name!

.PRESS Domains
.PRESS is a meaningful platform for information sharers & opinion makers, world over! Its semantic relevance to
the news & media industry makes it the ideal extension for your online presence.
Companies can give their PR efforts a facelift by using companyname.press as a dedicated PR portal, to interact
with the media, their customers & key stakeholders.

.WEBSITE Domains
.website is the first truly generic domain extension to be launched in the new era of the internet – a real alternative
to .com
.website perfectly embodies and symbolizes your online identity. .Website is intuitive, meaningful & self-explanatory

Introducing .bid, .trade and .webcam domain names

.trade domain name

.bid domain name

.BID is undoubtedly the TLD of choice for online auctions and market place sites online. An intuitive generic Top Level Domain (TLD) name makes .BID distinguishable from the broad auction-related content found across the Internet, and there are clear benefits to auctioneers, buyers and sellers .BID Top Level Domain (TLD) owners include a spectrum of online auctioneers running various types of auctions from English auctions to penny auctions, across a range of general markets and niche genres, and more traditional auction houses wishing to strengthen their online identity.

.trade domain nameThis domain extension acts as a magnet to all businesses interested in growing their business on an international level. As a short, clear, and globally understood term for commerce, it is a natural home for start-up businesses, high-growth industries and emergent international trade. By owning a .TRADE name, you are sending a clear message to prospective customers, suppliers, and resellers of the commercial nature of your website.




.webcam domain namePersonal online broadcasting (webcamming) is more popular now than it has ever been. The Internet allows anyone the opportunity to be a “star” in their own right.  Whether you are looking for love online or late night entertainment; whether you are checking out potential vacation spots or the weather at your favourite skiing resort; if you want share your life online or show your latest movie creation. The answer is simple, add .WEBCAM to the end of your domain name and what else could be hosted there than your unique broadcasting talent.

You can register any of these domains with Web4Africa todayWeb4Africa is Africa’s largest ICANN Accredited Domain Registrar.

Introducing .CLUB Domains

50 Cent in the .CLUB

Web4Africa, an ICANN Accredited Domain Registrar is now offering .club domain names.

.club domain name.CLUB is about more than providing established clubs with the best possible domain name.

.CLUB is the ultimate social domain name, making it easy for anyone and everyone to bring people together around common interests and passions – and own the perfect domain for their community.

50 Cent in the .CLUB

50 Cent in the .CLUB

.CLUB is already the most-registered among the newly introduced domain name extensions with about 65,000 registrations as of today 5th June 2014 since its launch in May.

Web4Africa is offering .club domains for only $15 per year.

Our .net domain story


Web4Africa started operations in the year 2002, using the domain name web4africa.net – we registered web4africa.com about two years later but have stayed with the .net domain ever since. This is even more intriguing because in most African countries, .net only ranks 3rd in popularity among generic TLDs. This write-up celebrates our use of .net


Our choice of .net in the very beginning was out of necessity: We believe in Africa and thus wanted to start a pan-African web presence service that is open to anyone in the world thus the name Web4Africa, a short/funky form of “Web For Africa”. web4africa.com domain was already taken by someone else but we believe in the name Web4Africa enough to settle for web4africa.net

To be clear, .net is every bit as good as a .com and in some context, even better than .com. According to Wikipedia:

The domain name net is a generic top-level domain (gTLD) used in the Domain Name System of the Internet. The name is derived from network, indicating its originally intended purpose was for organizations involved in networking technologies, such as Internet service providers and other infrastructure companies. However, restrictions were never enforced and the domain is now a general purpose name space. It is still popular with network operators, and is often treated as an alternative to com.

To celebrate .net’s 15 years anniversary, Verisign (the .net domain registry) in collaboration with Entrepreneur (USA) magazine, launched .Net100, a curated list of the top 100 .net domain names in the world.

.Net100 – a ranking that measures the top sites on the web with the .net domain extension. Entrepreneur and Verisign came together to assemble the ranking, which is based on quantitative factors and the feedback from Entrepreneur’s audience of sophisticated, successful business owners. Together, we then gathered traffic and social metrics for each site, as well as your votes to determine the rankings.

web4africa.net as listed in .net100

web4africa.net as listed in .net100

Web4Africa is proud that our main web address web4africa.net made it to the .net100 list. The .net100 list is representative of the best of the web – music sites, gaming communities, news and entertainment, and community tools for developers, programmers and businesses. We are especially proud to be in the same list as valued partners like php.net, cpanel.net, asp.net and do congratulate every .net website owners that made it to the .Net100 list.

To celebrate this milestone, Web4Africa as an accredited .net domain registrar is offering .net domain registrations, transfers, renewals for only $7 per year. The promo code for this offer is NET100 and can be redeemed on our website between 6th March and 6th May 2014.


Buy Web Hosting & Domains. Pay with Bitcoin.


Web4Africa, an ICANN Accredited Domain Registrar and web hosting company, now accepts Bitcoin as payment for its services.


Web4Africa offers web presence services including Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting etc to clients worldwide.

Bitcoin is a decentralized (peer-to-peer) digital currency system that is gaining popularity worldwide.

Web4Africa recognized as a leading .ng registrar by .ng registry

.ng domain name

Web4Africa, a premium-category NiRA accredited domain registrar, was awarded in the two categories of most consistent .ng domain registrars at the NiRA Registrar Forum held in Lagos Nigeria.

  • Web4Africa came first in the most consistent on premium category. This category refers to the volume of 2nd-level .ng domains registered by Web4Africa in the year 2013.
  • Web4Africa came second in the most consistent registrars category. This refers to the overall volume of domains (2nd-level and 3rd-level .ng domains) registered by Web4Africa in the year 2013.

To celebrate this milestone, Web4Africa is offering a 20% discount on .com.ng, .org.ng, .mobi.ng and .name.ng domain name registrations and renewals till June 2014. The promotional code MASTER2013 to be redeemed at www.web4africa.net, to take advantage of this limited-time offer..ng domain name

The exact text of the official announcement is re-published below, as culled from NiRA’s newsletter:

The trios of UpperLink Limited, Web4Africa and WhoGoHost have been pronounced the most consistent registrars by the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA) for the year ended 2013.

Announcing this at the end of the year get together hosted by NIRA for its registrar community in Lagos recently, the acting Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Akinbo Adebunmi said that the aforementioned three registrars made it as most consistent registrars with varying degrees success.

He also announced another three registrars as the most consistent on premium category, namely Web4Africa, Lexsynergy and UpperLink.

While commended those who crossed the threshold to keep up the good work, he charged other registrars to up their games in all ramification to ensure they are listed among top runners in the coming year.

According to him, this recognition is to encourage NIRA registrars to be innovative in conducting their .NG businesses so as to always grow the domain name industry in Nigeria.

.ng is the internet country code top-level domain name for Nigeria. Domain extensions .ng, .com.ng, .org.ng, .mobi.ng and .name.ng are open to anyone in the world.

New Domain Names are coming

A whole lot of new domain extensions are about to be unleashed to the domain market, unlocking website owners’ creativity in choosing domain names as we would no longer be restricted to the relatively few domain extensions that are common-place today: com, .net, .org etc.

New domain name extensions

There is about to be a domain extension for just about every major business, profession, geographical location, interest, lifestyle, or movement. Complicated domain names made-up of 3 or more words should be a thing of the past as the large number of new extension would offer easier and better domain choices.

Web4Africa can confirm the availability of the following domain extensions:

.africa: is the regional domain name that covers the over 50 countries and territories in the continent of Africa.

.joburg: Africa’s richest city deserves a domain extension of it’s own.

.capetown: website owners in one of Africa’s most beautiful cities can use the best domain to target their local market.

.durban: one of South Africa’s most important manufacturing and business hub needs a unique identity on the web.

.app: apps abound in today’s world: smartphones, digital camera’s, tablet PCs etc. A .app domain extension can make navigating the clustered web of apps easier.

.inc: most company names in North and Central America end with INC. A .inc domain extension for such companies is only natural.

.home: everyone deserves a piece of the internet. Everyone deserves a home on the internet. What better domain extension than .home?

.art: for the artistic minds that making life a pleasure, .art is the ideal domain extension.

.blog: as a blogger, stand-out from the crowded World Wide Web with your own very .blog domain name.

.llc: Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) in North and Central America deserve a domain extension. .llc is the most natural fit.

.shop: whether small shops, or big shops, every shop owner with a web presence can shine on .shop

.book: books are not an exclusive preserves of “book-worms”. Books are the compass for navigating today’s high-tech world. Every book marketed on the World Wide Web can call a .book domain extension home.

.design: creativity should not be limited to canvases, computer mouses or graphics design suites. As a designer, you can be creative with your web address as well.

.music: be inspired. Extend your inspiration beyond the piano and recording studio, and into choose the best domain name for your music, with .music.

.movie: movies no longer have to make use of hyphenated and hard-to-remember domain names. Whether blockbuster or budget movies, the best home on the web is .movie.

.web: usage is limitless for this domain extension. If it’s on the World Wide Web, it can make use of .web.

.store: big store, small store, every store owner who wants the most ideal web address for their online store is invited.

.hotel: the hospitality industry, our home away from home, deserves an exclusive home on the internet.

.love: the web domain of positive emotion and affection is .love.

.ltd: your company name may end with LTD but you have an unlimited access to make use of .ltd domains.

.cloud: one of the fastest growing IT industries now has an exclusive domain name extension known as .cloud. Every cloud service provider can have a web address that stands-out from the crowd.

.mail: perhaps you don’t need a website but want a custom email address. .mail is an ideal domain extension for your email needs.

.news: as a new house, print or electronic, nothing spells out your agenda to a web audience than a .news domain extension.

.xyz: short, stylish and easy-to-remember. .xyz is open and available.

.africa.com domain names at promotional pricing

.africa.com domains available at Web4AfricaAs a domain name owner you may want to acquire your name or company name on the newly available .africa.com domain just like large global brands including twitter.africa.com, starbucks.africa.com, marksandspencer.africa.com, emirates.africa.com, standardbank.africa.com and hundreds more. Many small companies in Africa are also choosing a .africa.com domain to get access to African and global markets as well.

.africa.com is the premier virtual real estate for Africa. It combines the power of the entire continent of 1 billion people with the ubiquitous “.com”. When you buy a .africa.com domain, you get the market presence of all 54 countries for just one price.

Securing an .africa.com domain is totally unrestricted, so anyone from anywhere in the world wishing to connect with the huge African market qualifies as a registrant. Register your .africa.com domain today and benefit from being associated with the most powerful and memorable domain in the continent.

Web4Africa is offering .africa.com domains for only $15 between now and 30th November 2013. Renewal pricing remains $30.

Get your .africa.com domain now before the name you want is taken!

15 Facts about .net domain names

.net is the 2nd most popular generic domain extension in the world, after .com

The domain name net is a generic top-level domain (gTLD) used in the Domain Name System of the Internet. The name is derived from network, indicating its originally intended purpose was for organizations involved in networking technologies, such as Internet service providers and other infrastructure companies. However, restrictions were never enforced and the domain is now a general purpose name space. It is still popular with network operators, and is often treated as an alternative to com.

As .net crosses the 15 million domain registrations globally, here are 15 facts about .net domain names:

15 facts about .net domains

What’s more? Web4Africa is accredited to register/transfer/manage .net domains and we have been proudly using .net for our main website, since 2002!

Web4Africa gains accreditation for .mobi, .asia, .me domains

Web4Africa, an ICANN accredited domain registrar, this week gained accreditation for the domains .mobi, .asia and .me from their respective registries.

.mobi is targeted at websites intended for mobile device use. With over 1 million domains, .mobi is the 6th most popular generic domain extension in the world. Africa is home to a large number of mobile internet users. Web4Africa will promote .mobi domains to our entire clientbase.

.asia serves as a regional domain for companies, organizations, and individuals based in the region of Asia, Australia, and the Pacific. It is increasingly gaining wide popularity in that part of the world. We intend to promote .asia to our clients based in that region.

.me positions itself for global use like a personal namespace and can be registered and used for any purpose. It is used by businesses in Maine, Middle East and is popular for domain hacks. If its personal, your best domain name is .me

Web4Africa is the ONLY domain registrar to be accredited for any of .mobi, .asia and .me domains in Africa. We are not resting and are very driven to keep offering the best value to our clients. Our new and existing clients should gain some price savings from the respective domains, in the coming days.

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