How to transfer your Web Hosting services to Web4Africa

This write-up presupposes that you have an existing web hosting service elsewhere.
  1. 1. Depending on what type of web hosting platform you are on, order for Web Hosting with Web4Africa at by choosing the relevant platform: Linux or ASP.NET (Windows). If your current web hosting account is powered by cPanel, simply opt for Linux Hosting.
  2. 2. On the "Product Configuration" page during the order, choose the "I want to transfer my domain to Web4Africa" option. Enter the domain name of the web hosting account you wish to transfer to Web4Africa.
  3. 3. Complete the order process and be sure to enter the domain's EPP code just before checkout.
  4. 4. Once you have paid for the order and your payment has been confirmed, contact our Technical Support department for assistance with migrating your web hosting account from your current/previous web host.
Kindly note that we can only migrate your hosting account if it is based on a server running cPanel control panel (for Linux) or Plesk control panel (for ASP.NET/Windows Hosting).
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