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African Domain Names Registration

Register African domains: .joburg, .capetown, .durban, .com.ng, .co.za, .com.gh, .gm, .ug, .bj, .so, .cm, .cd, .mu, .mg, .co.na, .com.na, .sc

Africa, the world’s 2nd-largest continent, is home to about 54 independent countries and territories. Web4Africa, a leading domain registrar in Africa, offers some African ccTLDs and city TLDs.

Whether you’re protecting your brand/trademark across Africa, or looking to expanding into African countries, an African TLD is the most effective way to go.

City Domain Price/year
Cape Town .capetown $25
Durban .durban $25
Johannesburg .joburg $25
Country Domain Price/year
Nigeria .ng $50
Nigeria .com.ng, .org.ng $8
South Africa .co.za, .org.za, .net.za, .web.za $8
Ghana .com.gh, .org.gh, .edu.gh $60
The Gambia .gm $25
Uganda .ug $40
Benin Republic .bj $80
Somalia .so $20
Cameroon .cm $115
Congo DR .cd $50
Mauritius .mu $100
Madagascar .mg $150
Namibia .co.na $100
Namibia .com.na, .org.na $700
Seychelles .sc $102

Coming soon: .africa domain names

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