I made a mistake. Can I change my domain name after registration?

  • We generally do not change a domain name once it is registered. You may have to register a new domain name, to replace the erroneous domain name.

How do I register a domain name?

I already have a domain name (website name) – can I transfer my domain name to you?

How long can I register/transfer a domain name for?

  • The choice is yours. The minimum registration for .com is one year and you can register .com domains for up to 10 years in advance. The same applies to most top-level domain names.
  • Check our low pricing you will agree with me that we offer some of the lowest domain registration prices on the Internet.

Can I register up to 100 characters in my domain name?

  • No. The typical maximum number of characters allowed for a domain name is 67. In fact, these special characters (!, ?,<,>, ~, £, $, %, &, *, @, #, +, / ,\ ,”,.), are not allowed in a domain name.

How do I pay?

  • We gladly accept payment made online via paypal, payza, skrill. See our payment methods information page for more.