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VPS Hosting. Fast and Affordable.

Pay with bitcoin, payza, paypal, skrill etc. Choice of Datacentre Locations in South Africa and Nigeria.

A wide range of Virtual Private Servers (VPS) to choose from

Power your web site or web applications with our fast & powerful Virtual Private Servers (VPS). Our VPS Hosting service is a combination of the best hardware and powered by the most efficient software to make your website run effortlessly.

Our VPS Hosting plans. [OpenVZ technology. KVM coming soon.]

  CPU RAM Burstable RAM Disk Bandwidth Network Speed
VPS1 1 Core 1GB 1.5GB 25GB 250GB 10Mbps
VPS2 2 Cores 2GB 3GB 50GB 500GB 10Mbps
VPS3 2 Cores 3GB 4.5GB 100GB 1TB 10Mbps
VPS4 4 Cores 4GB 6GB 150GB 1.5TB 15Mbps
VPS5 4 Cores 8GB 12GB 200GB 2TB 15Mbps

Our VPS Hosting features

  • Fast Disks

    Our VPS nodes are built with a combination of SSDs, and RAID10 SAS or SATA3 drives for optium performance.

  • Self or Fully Managed

    We offer two management options: Self-Managed and Fully Managed. You can either manage your server yourself or pay us a little extra to do the heavy-lifting.

  • Network

    We manage our own dual-stack multi-homed network with ASN 327813. We maintain multiple transit relationships and peer openly on major internet exchange points in Johannesburg South Africa and Lagos Nigeria.

  • Performance

    We are obsessed with optimum performance and have thus carefully engineered all aspects of our VPS Hosting services for the best performance.

  • Hardware

    We have invested in the best enterprise server hardware and network gear for the very best performance possible for your Virtual Servers. We own and manage all hardware deployed, ourselves.

  • Security

    Security is given a very high priority and built into every aspect of our VPS Hosting offer.

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